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Gradually… Then, suddenly!

Mar 19, 2019


Listen in as I interview York Baur, CEO of Seattle-based real estate technology company MoxiWorks.  MoxiWorks was spun out of iconic real estate company Windermere Real Estate and York leads a staff whose mission is to help brokerage companies be more profitable through agent productivity.  In addition to specific applications like it’s Engage CRM, MoxiWorks is a player in the emerging real estate data platform race with its MoxiCloud product.


Real estate is a relationship based business and many try to make it more about technology than it should be and that technology exists to serve the relationship process

MoxiWorks believes the brokerage company is the center point of real estate and  it’s mission is to help the brokerage be more profitable through agent productivity.

Successful brokerages need to be great at recruiting, retention and agent productivity

MoxiWorks was created within Windermere Real Estate and spun out with additional brokerage company investors when they determined that running a technology company was not best served within a real estate brokerage company

A true real estate platform is a separate piece of software that can aggregation and disseminate data of all types to applications that are used by the brokerage company.

Data includes property data, brokerage and agent data and consumer data

MoxiCloud is an open data ecosystem that is used by over 50 companies who serve real estate brokerage companies

Data is the fuel that powers a broker’s business and a true platform in real estate will be open and allow friction-less switching between application vendors to leverage that data.

True platforms create network effects and for that to be maximized on a data platform, participants would be well-served to share their data.  But, the industry is not there yet.

MoxiWorks provides a white-label version of MoxiCloud to Leading RE.