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Gradually… Then, suddenly!

Feb 26, 2019


Listen in as I interview John Berkowitz, Co-Founder and CEO of OJO Labs in Austin, Texas.  As we enter the early days of the 4th Industrial Revolution, the convergence of large amounts of data being capture on various devices and distributed computing power has ushered in a new world of artificial intelligence...

Feb 19, 2019


Listen in as I interview Tim Dain, President and CEO of MARIS MLS in St. Louis.  The real estate industry’s use of and need for data is increasing at lightspeed.  Historically, MLSs have been the providers of all property related data to industry participants.  As a “why” thinker in a world dominated by...

Feb 6, 2019

Real estate industry executive Russ Cofano explains how Gradually… Then, suddenly! will explore those people and companies who are determined to change the real estate industry and with it, access to hundreds of billions of dollars. Russ provides a sneak peak on the initial lineup of guests and a way to get email...