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Gradually… Then, suddenly!

Feb 19, 2019


Listen in as I interview Tim Dain, President and CEO of MARIS MLS in St. Louis.  The real estate industry’s use of and need for data is increasing at lightspeed.  Historically, MLSs have been the providers of all property related data to industry participants.  As a “why” thinker in a world dominated by status quo, Tim provides his thoughts on why MLSs will look much different in the future and how he is molding MARIS into a prototype MLS that will best serve changing industry demographics and deliver the data framework the industry needs.

Tim’s Thoughts:

  • Service is not overrated
  • In his first year, he focused on infrastructure that supports a better member service level
  • MLSs not well positioned to meet the data needs of the industry
  • There's a significant need to segment MLS members into generational segments who want to interface with the MLS in various ways (e.g. Boomers and Millennials)
  • Tim’s motivation to innovate is internally generated out of his love for the industry
  • Looking 10 years down the road, Tim discusses a connected data node network and local service centers.
  • How the OODA loop has help Tim build teams that move quickly